233Connect debunk false Lil Wayne concert publication

It is not true that we are bringing down Lil Wayne for a concert in March. This is a false publication that shouldn't be taken serious. It is important to note that while the blog wanted the whole world to know that it had an exclusive story, no official/representative of 233Connect was communicated to or asked about the truth or otherwise. This is purely a figment of the website, and we ask all music lovers and keen admirers of 233Connect to treat it with all the contempt it deserves.


In as much as we cannot determine what goes on these blogs, responsible journalism demands courtesy to persons whom some of these stories might affect. This is something the blog didn't do.


We wish to express our heartfelt appreciation to the Ghanaian public for their support thus far, and wish to state that 233Connect is in for the long haul. Long live Ghanaian music, long live 233Connect. 233Connect, music is alive when it is live.